David Sims


David Sims

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I am now the Bi-Vocational Youth Minister, with my family involved with both youth ministry and children's ministry. 

Favorite verse: Psalm 119:33; Jeremiah 29:11

This is my Testimony:

“I began my journey in Christianity at the age of ten, when I surrendered my heart to Jesus and followed in believer’s baptism a few months later. I fell into the traps laid out by the opposition to conform to the world and feel like part of that is due to not having anyone to truly help guide me. I grew up in a small church and until I was older, there were only myself and a couple of other teenagers with no youth pastor. While I know I am mostly to blame for making the decisions I made I also know that if there would have been a leader early in my life to help guide me, I would have made a few decisions in a different way.”

“Since then, I moved to Northwest Arkansas, got married, had kids, finished school, and started working in a public school, but still not following the Lord’s path for me until last November. That is when I was asked to become a deacon. The fellowship with the other deacons has helped me get to where I am now in my walk with Christ.”